Organizing partners:

GMV meeting: Innovation Acceleration

• Developments in the food processing industry
• Getting insight in some of the key concepts for innovation acceleration
• How to innovate like a startup
• Introduction in the Lean Startup and the customer oriented approach
• Business Model Creation

Workshop practicals
• Date: Oct 13th
• Papendal, Arnhem
• 1/2 day workshop
• exclusive for GMV members
• organizing partners: GMV, FME and Innomics

About GMV

Holland: food and food processing machinery

The Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries in food processing machinery. This is the logical result of its position as the world’s second exporter of agricultural products, including processed food. Our members cover a high percentage of the total machinery production worldwide in all sectors of the industry: meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, dairy, liquid products, bakery, animal feed and packaging (not only for the food sector). Some specific examples: Dutch industry produces 80% of the world’s capacity of poultry processing machinery, and a substantial part of cheese production machinery and potato processing machinery. Also in other markets, such as bakery, red meat and cacao processing the Netherlands has systems suppliers that are leaders in their markets. Total turnover of the Dutch food processing and packaging machinery industry is approximately 2,5 billion Euros (US$ 3,23 billion).


About FME Association

Dutch employers’ organisation in the technology industry

We mobilise and connect the technology industry in order to meet every challenge and answer every question set by the world of today and tomorrow. We do this to boost the earning capacity of both our individual members and the industry as a whole.

FME is the number one employers’ organisation in the technology industry. The 2,200 affiliated companies employ a total of 220,000 people and are active in the fields of manufacturing, trade, automation and maintenance in the metal, electronics, electrotechnology and plastics sectors. The combined turnover of all FME members is € 70 billion, their collective added value amounts to over € 20 billion, and their exports total € 37 billion. FME members therefore account for one-sixth of all Dutch exports.

FME – Agri & Food

The Netherlands – a world leader in Agri & Food
The Dutch Agri & Food sector plays a key role on the world stage. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of foodstuffs in the world after the USA.

The Netherlands is the second largest Agri & Food exporter in the world after the USA. The firms that provide the Agri & Food sector with technological solutions and equipment realise a combined turnover of 15 billion euros per year. When it comes to technology, we’re second to none. The economic importance of this cluster is immense.

For this reason, we want to further expand the Netherlands’ status as world leader. As the major player, the Dutch Agri & Food sector can play a crucial role in fulfilling one of the biggest social challenges of this century: producing enough food. In the next 40 years, the amount of food required worldwide will be as much as the entire human race has produced in the last 8,000 years combined. To realise this goal, we have to pool our strength. And the strength of the food production chain and technology firms alone is not enough: we must also unite with other stakeholders such as government bodies, knowledge institutions and consumers.

Key figures
• 2,200 member companies, employing 220,000 employees in total
• yearly turnover totalling € 70 billion
• direct export totalling € 37 billion
• 181 employees at FME
• support to 80 trade associations